PAX is Madeline Link, a 12- string guitar and a Casio SK-1. In the one to two minute span that is each song, PAX crams in jangly pop melodies inspired by Angel Olson and Julian Casablancas, with otherworldly crooning and vocal samplings in the stylings of early Beck. Since PAX’s self-recorded release in 2014, Madeline has focused increasingly on incorporating more vocals and less instrumentation. The result is ‘ouch’, PAX’s most recent and public release. A series of songs intimately bound together forming a warm and sincere sonic diary that unfailingly treats the listener to its candid fly-on-the-wall experience. The record was given a physical release containing two previously unreleased tracks on January 25th, 2019 through Toronto’s Art of the Uncarved Block.


OUCH (2019)