Fond is the musical amalgamation of both new and old. Leaving the comfort of the aged and stale landscape of rehashed post-post… post-punk, they set off to carve out their own era. They experiment first by repurposing the genre’s classic melodic archetypes; building tone-driven songs that ebb and flow, restoring the sounds of a once burgeoning scene to its youthful radiance. Paying tribute to the predecessors of their genre, they delve into some of the earliest corners of rock and roll looking for the edge of those historical and radical genre changes while sharpening them with their inescapable penchant for sullen post-hardcore. The result is a hurricane of influences, a wrestling match between the confident, audacious backbone seen in Wire and the stormy lull of Touch and Go era bands such as Slint and their later tendrils. Fond is an unapologetic rock and roll band. Like it or not, it seems that eventually we truly do become our parents. Lucky for us, most of our parents “rocked”.


VERN (2019)

FOND (2018)