For over 12 years Bone has been steady marching forward on his own steam with his idiosyncratic but ever changing music project Dust from 1000 yrs. 2016 has been a monumental year for Dust: a total HQ change to Boston after many years in small town Indiana, a team up with major inspiration and consistent road dawg Jeff Meff (Bad History Month), and an upcoming cassette, his first release in over 2 years (a very long time in the Dust world).

This spring, while a large amount of Bone's musical equipment was gathering mildew in a basement in Indiana, a 4 track was conjured up. Bone took it down to his dungeon, and with just a few instruments, one lone vocal mic, and absolutely no preconceived ideas, wrote and recorded Spring in about a month. The songs are a document of all the alienation, confusion, depression, and anger that comes from a big baby breaking out of his shell in a completely new and unknown environment. Folky, dark,and messy, Spring fits neatly into the Dust catalog. Bone can't help but be Bone. He knows his voice and is incapable of presenting it any other way.


SPRING (2016)