Tang / Toronto, ON


The sounds of Tang manifests a youthful spirit. A time where our will was seized by an innate desire to discover and explore the inner workings of our world. Listening quickly becomes a candid act, as if you are watching someone pull apart a worn radio simply to try and put it back together again. The songs are built in this manner of contemplation too, both meticulous and meditative. An urge to create but with an emphasis on discovery rather than a need for immediate completion. Lyrically, Tang reveals itself as both a critic and a sage, spanning narratives that touch upon  the primeval mysteries surrounding death and the often absurd nature of reality. A meek finger is pointed at our unique and overwhelming world. Yet, as we sit and listen, we are somehow given the feeling that everything is just as it should be. 


               PHYSICAL / DIGITAL                                   PHYSICAL / DIGITAL