1971 Cassette Bundle

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1971 Cassette Bundle


1971's final album, "No Matter Where You Go, There You are" is now available on cassette via Art of the Uncarved Block. The release is bundled alongside a compilation of their earlier works entitled "Ready For Winter". It weaves through their history via live taped performances and raw demos, eventually bringing you to today's final recordings. 

Cassette bundle comes with download of both albums. 


No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

1. Anxiety (In The Depths Of Northwestern Ontario

2. The Manipulator

3. Etinohah

Ready For Winter Compilation

1. Kids of the 22nd Century
2. Second Best
3. Zero Tolerance Program
4. Law of Club and Fang
5. What Will We Find?
6. 1971
7. Gentlemen Wash Their Hands
8. Existential Crisis For Only $400 A Month
9. The Movement
10. White Lies (live on UMFM 101.5)
11. Swimming in Circles
12. Love
13. Waiting On Standby
14. Hearts Filled With Hurt and Hatred

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