Fool- Hiss Garden For A Lily Face (MP3)

fool hiss garden square.jpg
fool hiss garden square.jpg

Fool- Hiss Garden For A Lily Face (MP3)


Digital download of EP. Recorded to tape throughout 2017. 

Even a fool can be tormented
by the loneliness and boredom
of their solitary existence
so in order to flourish
a violent division begins
birthing a curiosity
of divine proportion
it inhales and gusts
igniting a once emaciated ember
it is here waiting
cradled in a bed of tinder
ready to form a long awaited dawn
for the shadow laden fool
so that in light the words are found
to fill the sky they gaze upon to its brim
so that they let their descending notes rise
and rain down nourishing the earth they borrow from
so that they finally grasp
the myriad hands of creation
and never let go again

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