UB winter compilation cover art .JPG

Seasonal Address

Winter 2018

The long nights have quietly thrown a coup / ousting slow burning sunsets

accompanied by singing birds and brand new fireflies / now the chill begs us to rest 

/ to gather calories and batten down our youthful spirit / throughout this seasonal juncture 

we need not stop planning for what may be / this is what will carry us through our prolonged evenings and through our

wintry sentence / and so that is what we will do / starting with Pax / a project at one time propelled by boredom

/ one half of Triples experiments solitarily / confined by nothing / listeners of Beck and Helvetia will find something promising

in this work / her record comes to us in late January / Mildew Mildew waits patiently to reveal their first offerings as a band /

dual EP’s that reveal a world as wide open as the deepest valley / the songs reveal themselves as stories do 

/ page by colourful page they make us feel young and hopeful / fans of Modest Mouse and Pavement will adore this music 

/ their record is delivered at the end of February

stay warm

stay hopeful 

and remember

while the spring is playful and leaves you to presume 

we promise to return