Upcoming events

11/07- Toronto, ON - Triples ‘Big Time!’ release w/ Cherry Blaster, James Wyatt Cosby @ Owls Club

11/23- Toronto, ON - Pax @ The Baby G w/ Bueller, Rapport, and Twist

12/05- Toronto, ON - Tang release w/ Steven Lambke and Holiday Pictures @ Handlebar

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Seasonal Address

Fall/Winter 2019

Daylight savings is here. And so are the early nights. The ones you question. The ones that make you ask, “who the hell set the time back an hour and made it dark at 4 pm”. We live in a sick world. Lucky for you we have MUSIC. That mystical spell of sound that makes you, and all of us, for a moment…forget that the world is run by maniacs that fuck with our clocks. Look forward this fall and winter to: Tang. A new full-length record, a heavy hitter with actual distortion that doesn’t include lofi bs recordings. I’m talking the real, drum set smashing, Nirvana style grit here folks. Oh and also sad shit. Obvs. Next up, expect some new tunes from Chris. Its been a while but they’re back as a two-piece. Their songs are 5 mins long each. So you have a lot to contend with while the next one takes another two years to come out. Finally, we have Triples. They’re on their first full-length. I know what you’re thinking, “there’s a bunch of stuff on it from the last EP so technically…” well it’s been reimagined so technically frig off and enjoy the little great music we actually receive in this modern cultural wasteland. So that does it folks, another winter with grand expectations and a fistful of snow crammed down our throats. Let’s move to the sunny beaches of Mars? SEE YOU THERE.

-Rob, and the other AUB people.